Your vehicle windows are there to help your car operate optimally, and we’re here to keep them in top condition.

Do you know what each of your vehicle windows are called and what they are for? The most critical for safety is the front windshield. Your car relies on the windshield to protect the driver from oncoming weather and debris, but it also supports the frame of your car and is essential in the functionality of your airbag. Along with windshields, other vehicle windows include:

  • Sidelites – These are the windows in your car doors. They are typically made from either tempered glass or laminated glass
  • Quarter windows – These are the small triangular windows that don’t open in most cars. In older cars, these windows would swing open for ventilation purposes.
  • Backlite – This is another name for your rear windshield. Though rarely included in early cars, by the 1930s, back windows became standard for most vehicles.

Today most vehicle windows are made from laminated glass rather than tempered glass. Though tempered glass can be broken more easily in an emergency, laminated glass has proven to be a safer option in the event of a collision or rollover accident.

Your vehicle windows all play key roles in the visibility, light, aerodynamics, and comfort of your vehicle. Damage to one of your vehicle windows can impact your gas mileage, control, and the temperature and noise level in your car. If you have a broken window, you and your car are much better off getting it repaired quickly.

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