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One frustrating road hazard that even the best drivers can’t avoid is the occasional rock or other debris that comes flying up at out of nowhere, leaving you with a chipped windshield. We all know that familiar cracking sound that grabs our attention and sends our eyes searching to see if there’s a chip. Many people find the small chip, make a note-to-self to get it repaired, and then go on about their day and promptly forget about the chip until the next time they see it. However, by delaying the repair, the problem may become worse.

As dirt and debris collect on your chipped windshield, they can get embedded into the small chip. Rain, your windshield wipers, and windshield cleaner can all make your rock chip worse, which can impact the effectiveness and quality of your repair. A small chip can also spread and become a large crack or pattern of several cracks, impacting your vision and the integrity of your window. For all of these reasons, it is important that this seemingly minor issue is resolved quickly.

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