Storefront Windows, Charlotte, NC

We install, repair, and replace storefront windows that will suit your business needs.

If you are building a new retail location, one of the design features you’ll want to consider carefully is the storefront windows. It might surprise you that all windows are not alike and there is more to consider than just layout and appearance. Here at DGC Glass Systems, LLC, we provide window solutions with a long list of benefits that can make a difference in the success of your retail location.

Storefront Windows in Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Security- Some types of retail locations are more susceptible to break-ins than others. We have security glass options that can minimize risk by making it harder for criminals to gain access to your store. Consider such options as blast-resistant or ballistic glass, depending on your situation.
  • UV Protection- Large storefront windows are great for providing a welcoming image for customers, but they can present problems from the heat, glare, and other damaging properties of UV rays. We have glass solutions that will keep your inventory from being damaged and protect your cashiers and customer service personnel from the glare and heat that can make their job more difficult and hurt productivity.
  • Weather Protection- Blast-resistant glass and hurricane framing for storefront windows offer excellent protection from even the most severe weather.

These are just a few suggestions for storefront windows for your business. We are happy to meet with you to discuss your Charlotte, North Carolina project and make recommendations specific to your needs. Call today to schedule an appointment to get the answers to all your questions. We also provide repair services for storefront windows, so feel free to call if you have experienced damage.

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