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Though each car is built differently, there are certain things that are standard among most cars. Manufacturers need to meet certain requirements for the safety of drivers and passengers. These guidelines impact the way your vehicle windows are designed and built.

A Brief Guide to your Vehicle Windows

  • Laminated Glass – Today it is standard for all windshields to be made from laminated glass which is designed to stay in one piece. The lamination improves the structural integrity of your car and the safety of its passengers. A laminate windshield strengthens the frame of the vehicle and prevents the roof from buckling in the event of a rollover.
  • Tempered Glass – Most side vehicle windows, and rear windshields are made of tempered glass called safety glass. This is because the glass used is designed to shatter into tiny ball like pieces instead of large pointed shards that can be very dangerous in the event of an accident.
  • Quarter glass – In order to provide more visibility to drivers, most cars have what is known as quarter glass. This is the back section of glass next to the retractable windows. In some older models, this area was also known as the vent glass and could be tilted to allow for air ventilation. Today most quarter glass windows either retract along with the retractable window or are completely stationary. They are usually made from the same tempered glass material as the side windows and rear windshield.

No matter which of your vehicle windows may be cracked or broken, it is important to get them repaired quickly. They serve to protect you and your passengers from hazards on the road and from other dangers if your car should crash. If you need efficient and reliable repairs or replacements done to your vehicle windows, come to us at DGC Glass Systems, LLC.