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Owning a business leaves you with thousands of decisions to make, sometimes daily! There are already enough things on your plate if you are a business owner, so our team here at DGC Glass Systems, LLC is here to help with a key aspect of your business you’ll need to decide upon. We can give you some tips about your storefront windows in order to improve the first impression of your business with a quality storefront window.

storefront windows for your business storefront

The first thing you’ll want to look at with storefront windows is how clear or opaque you want them. When you have a business where you are looking to draw people in with products that you sell, you want your storefront windows to be clear and expansive in order to show off your product. If your business benefits from more privacy, such as a realtor talking with clients or a hair salon, you don’t want everyone to be able to see straight through your windows! Frosted or opaque windows can offer privacy while also allowing in a good amount of light.

The next feature you’ll want to explore in your storefront windows is the type of glass you’ll use. With tempered or laminated glass, you can give your storefront windows an extra layer of safety and security. We can generate glass types that won’t shatter or allow penetration when struck with an object. Additionally, when this glass breaks, it breaks into pieces with smoother edges instead of shards.

For more information about storefront windows for your business storefront, give us a call here at DGC Glass Systems, LLC.