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Here at DGC Glass Systems, LLC, we have first-hand experience with just how much damage a hurricane can cause to a structure. One of the most common forms of hurricane damage is broken windows. If you want to protect your home or business from this fate, we recommend investing in hurricane windows. In this article, we’ll go over some of the many benefits that these windows offer.

we recommend investing in hurricane windows

  • Strong- The hurricane windows that we offer here at DGC Glass Systems, LLC are designed to hold up even in extreme winds and the debris they can fling. To receive the hurricane resistant label, a window must pass two laboratory tests, one that consists of hurling a 9-pound weight at the glass at a speed of at least 50 feet per second, and another that consists of hurling 30 steel ball bearings at 80 feet per second. Both the window glazing and frame must remain intact in order to pass.
  • Shatterproof- Even though our hurricane windows are rated to survive winds of up to 200 mph, there’s still a chance that they could become damaged. Fortunately, another benefit of hurricane windows is that their protective layers of PVB or EVA mean that even if the glass should chip or crack, the pane itself will remain together and will not spray any glass shards anywhere.
  • UV-Blocking- Hurricane windows can protect you even during nice weather by blocking harmful UV from entering your home or work facilities. UV rays are known to damage the skin, causing sunburn or even skin cancer. Hurricane windows from us at DGC Glass Systems, LLC will keep out 99% of these harmful rays so that you everyone else around you can stay safe and healthy.