How Weather Conditions Affect
Windshield Repair

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While nobody should drive around in a vehicle with a severely damaged windshield that needs to be replaced, you may be able to hold off on getting windshield repair for minor chips and cracks. In fact, waiting could be advisable if there are adverse weather conditions that could interfere with the success of windshield repair.

How Weather Conditions Affect Windshield Repair

The first thing to know is that windshield repair resin will not be able to properly set if there is excess moisture in the air. Ideally, your vehicle should be in a dry space for two hours before and after the repair so that no moisture gets into the crack.

Temperature can also affect windshield repair, but the technician handling the repair can often accommodate by using a thinner or thicker resin. However, extreme cold can be a problem they cannot overcome, so take care of windshield repairs before freezing conditions arrive, wait till it warms up, or have it done in a controlled temperature environment. Extreme heat can also be challenging, so windshield repair shouldn’t be done if the temperature is above 100 degrees if you can’t get the vehicle into a cooler environment.

While you may be able to wait until better weather conditions, keep in mind that extreme weather conditions and hitting bumps on the road could cause the condition to worsen. Depending on the situation, it could mean needing the windshield replaced instead. If you want to avoid that scenario, work with your windshield repair professional to come up with a solution for a controlled environment so that the repair can proceed.

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