Is a Chipped Windshield Really That Serious?

The answer to that question is often yes. While many of us tend to drive around with a chipped windshield without a second thought, in reality, a small chip can lead to a big compromise in the structural integrity of the auto glass.

Is a Chipped Windshield Really That Serious?

A chipped windshield can occur for various reasons. Whether stray gravel hits your window on the way down the road or wind-blown debris nicks your window while your car is parked at home, you may not even realize your window has suffered damage in the moment. Once you do notice that your windshield has suffered damage, the next step is determining what to do about it.

While a chipped windshield may not seem so concerning, especially if the chip is small, this minute bit of damage can quickly turn into a bigger problem. Because of the nature of driving and the amount of pressure your windshield sustains as you are going down the road, a small chip can easily turn into a large crack, and even begin to splinter. This erodes the stability of your auto glass and puts you at risk when you drive.

The easiest thing to do when you have a chipped windshield is call about a repair right away. Your auto glass professionals can determine if a repair will do the trick or if you need windshield replacement to really get the best results for your vehicle.

At DGC Glass Systems, LLC, we can provide complete windshield repair and installation solutions when you have a chipped windshield on your personal or company vehicle. If you have questions about your windshield or need to schedule an appointment, contact us today to learn more.