Key Differences Between Residential and Commercial Windows

Before glass was an easily-made substance, it was very expensive and hard to produce. This meant that homes were built with a small number of windows. Nowadays, however, with our factory-manufactured glass and reasonable prices, people create entire walls of windows in their homes and opt for maximum light exposure! Because the manufacturing process has come so far, we are even able to create different types of glass for different types of structures, usually split into commercial and residential categories. What is the difference between residential and commercial windows, you might wonder? Well, let’s discuss.

difference between residential and commercial windows

When it comes to residential windows, they are generally made thinner and with more features. Because residential windows don’t have to withstand the high winds and other issues that commercial glass building do, they can be made thinner while still maintaining structural integrity. Residential windows also have the biggest difference in cost since residential windows are considerably less expensive than commercial windows.

Commercial windows, on the other hand, are often made with thicker glass. This is done not only to be able to withstand high winds and possible storms that large commercial buildings encounter, but to increase the efficiency. Commercial buildings generate more heat than your average residence due to either lots of occupants or computer equipment. Thicker glass keeps the commercial HVAC from working overtime. It is also often tinted or specially glazed to protect occupants from UV ray damages.

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