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When it comes to transportation, none is more convenient than driving your car on your own schedule. However, if you drive a car, then at some point you will have to deal with a chipped windshield. A chip is one of the few things that can damage a car that you can’t really prevent. You can be a perfect driver otherwise and still not be protected from a rock being kicked up from a car in front of you and being launched into your windshield! If you have a chipped windshield, we have a few key dos and don’ts that can keep your chipped windshield from turning into a cracked windshield.

Repair your chipped windshield immediately


  • Repair your chipped windshield immediately! Chipped windshields need to be repaired immediately since so many things can occur to cause the chip to crack. Things like dirt deposits or temperature changes can cause your chipped windshield to crack.
  • Cover with packing tape if you can’t get your chipped windshield repaired right away. Packing tape can help keep dirt out of the chip area.
  • Use approved chipped windshield repair methods.


  • Neglect chipped windshields. You can almost always tell when you get a chip since you often hear it happen. Repairing the chipped windshield when it’s small will give you much better results than if you decide to “wait and see what happens.”
  • Rely on unproven repair methods. There are lots of DIY recipes out there that will claim to fix your chipped windshield. Don’t try them — rely on the proven stuff instead.

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