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If you are in the process of designing and building an office building, there is an elephant in the room that needs to be addressed: office windows. It can be easy to overlook how critical the decisions about window placement, style of window, and type of glass can be. It is far more cost-effective to think things through during the design than it is to find out you need to make changes later. You also do not want to be in a position where you just have to deal with an outcome that you didn’t anticipate. Here are some thoughts about office windows:

  • Aesthetics- You want your office windows to be aesthetically pleasing, both from the interior and exterior.

Thoughts About Office Windows

  • Natural light- If you want to reduce how much you’ll be paying for lighting, consider office windows that provide plenty of natural light. There are also health benefits involved with natural light, as well as boosting employee morale. Skylights are a great option for providing some natural light in interior rooms.
  • Heat transfer- Choosing the right glass for your office windows can give you the natural light you want without as much concern about heat transfer that can make your offices uncomfortable during the summer and drive up your energy costs.
  • Privacy- Clear office windows afford you and your staff great views, but a patterned or frosted glass can give you privacy. The actual areas of your office can dictate how much privacy is needed. For example, a clear foyer window looks stylish and you can go with a frosted window for a conference room where you’d want to avoid the distraction of the view and keep your meetings private. Keep in mind that you can also go with clear windows and use window treatments for those times when added privacy is needed.
  • Glare- If you have a waiting area with televisions or work areas with computer monitors, you’ll need to choose office windows that reduce glare.
  • Security- Consider if your office building could benefit from ballistic glass or hurricane windows.

At DGC Glass Systems, LLC, we have the experience you need to help you with solutions for office windows for your building. We can also assist you down the road when you need window repair or replacement. Contact us today to learn about the many options available so that you’ll gain the benefits you need and meet all your objectives. We’ll address the elephant in the room and put you on the path to a productive and comfortable office space.