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Glass and windows have come a long way in the last several decades. No longer do we have inefficient, single layer windows that leak out cold and heat like a sieve. Instead, we are able to develop energy-efficient, easy to clean windows that can be tailored to businesses and homes alike! There are all kinds of types of glass out there that you can customize to your needs, one of which is ballistic glass.

Ballistic windows are also helpful for places that contain valuable information

Ballistic glass is glass that has been specially developed to prevent shattering when impacted with a foreign object. When you hit a regular pane of glass with an object, like a baseball, the glass cannot redistribute the energy from the baseball. This resistance causes the glass to shatter. With ballistic windows, however, glass is alternated with layers of plastic or resin to create a clear, seemingly solid pane of glass that has the ability to redistribute the energy caused by an impact. The plastic layers don’t have the same rigidity as the glass layers, so they can take the excess energy. The more layers you have, the more protection you gain from your ballistic windows.

With ballistic windows, many people mistakenly assume that their windows will be bulletproof. The truth is that no glass is completely bulletproof, although some types of glass are very close! Ballistic windows have the ability to take the impact of an object, even an object such as a bullet, and remain intact. This type of security is great for places containing objects of high value, such as banks or jewelry stores. Ballistic windows are also helpful for places that contain valuable information, such as the personal information of customers or clients.

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