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Hurricane Windows, Charlotte, NC

Hurricane windows do more than protect your home or business during a hurricane.

When Hurricane Fran came through North Carolina in 1996, it hit landfall with 115-mph winds that were only moderately lower by the time it got to the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Even though this area sits many miles from the coast, several of the roughly 50 tropical cyclones to hit this state since the year 2000 have caused damage to homes and businesses, making those wanting to have the best possible security turn to hurricane windows for their property. At DGC Glass Systems, LLC, we understand that it is better to prevent problems than deal with the aftermath, so we offer hurricane glass for both residential and commercial applications.

Hurricane Windows in Charlotte, North Carolina

It is important to note that hurricane windows are more than just protection from hurricanes and saving you the trouble of putting up plywood or hurricane shutters. They are quite effective for reducing noise, lowering your power bill, reducing UV damage, and deterring intruders, as well. You might also enjoy an insurance premium discount depending on your insurance company. We have installed hurricane windows for people who simply wanted the increased protection and improved energy efficiency, so if these sound like benefits you’d like to experience, we welcome your call to learn more.

We will be happy to discuss what is involved in upgrading your current windows, whether you are interested in replacing all of them or a few to create one secure room for hunkering down during a storm. If you would like further information about the benefits of hurricane windows so you can decide if they are a viable option for your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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