Keep your business safe with our quality-crafted ballistic windows.

There are some businesses that are more interesting to criminals than others. If you have a jewelry store, pharmacy, financial institution, or other high-volume cash business, you know you need to take extra steps to assure you and your employees are safe and your inventory is too. Here at DGC Glass Systems, LLC, we are a full-service glass contractor that cares about the safety and profitability of our Raleigh, North Carolina neighbors. We can assess your situation and provide you with solutions that can give you peace of mind.
One of the options we have to offer is ballistic windows. There are different types of ballistic window materials providing varying protection levels against bullets. They range from bullet resistant to bullet proof, and we are happy to discuss these with you, so that the best solution can be determined for your needs. With different materials, weight, and thickness, we can provide you with the level of security you want while considering your budget for your ballistic windows project.

Whether you are a potential target due to the inventory you have, or you are concerned with keeping your business records and proprietary information safe, count on us to develop a plan for ballistic windows to give you the security you require. With our in-house drafting and engineering team, we can create the solution that you need to keep criminals on the outside even if they had planned to use a firearm to gain admittance. Call us today to learn more about the options available for ballistic windows and any of our other glass-related services.

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