Mark Surkis  |  Owner, CEO

Mark founded DGC Glass Systems in 2014, and continues to play a valuable role with the company. With over 50 years of glazing experience, Mark’s greatest strengths are product knowledge and leadership. He feels that leading by example brings out the best in others, and he hopes to instill those leadership qualities in his employees.

Mark’s biggest passion in the industry is working with people; making sure he understands exactly what our clients are looking for, resolving any issues, and executing to the best of his abilities. Another passion Mark shares is the opportunity to teach young men and women who want to know more about the industry, and becoming involved in their successes. Outside of the office, Mark enjoys spending time with his wife, traveling, playing golf with friends, and spending time with his grandchildren.


Rob Myers  |  Vice President

Rob joined DGC in 2014 as a Project Manager. Rob came with lots of experience and knowledge in the construction industry. In 2019, he was promoted to VP. He handles all of the day to day operations for all departments at DGC. Rob is the person everyone goes to in a tough situation and his calm demeanor helps resolve issues quickly. He has a very laid back approach to the daily grind and allows all of the employees at DGC the freedom to do their job without being micromanaged. He credits his great team for giving him the ability to create that type of work environment. Rob has a close relationship with all of the employees and enjoys talking with everyone about work, and more importantly, on a personal level. He is always full of jokes, to lighten any mood, and relishes making those around him laugh. When it comes to the future of DGC and his vision, he is very passionate about the success of the company and retaining his employees. He is always looking for ways to grow the business and form new relationships with GC’s and owners. Rob also works very hard looking for ways to save money and time in order to make each job more profitable. Rob realizes this can only be done with the best equipment and employees, therefore he is very generous with his team.

Outside of the office, Rob enjoys riding and racing dirt bikes, has a crazy, yet insane, passion for cars and enjoys stupid TV shows.


Angie Fields  |  Controller / Business Development Manager

Angie Fields is the Controller & Business Development Manager for DGC Glass Systems.  She has been with the company since they started in 2014.  She has been in the glass business since 1995, employed with the company that DGC Glass purchased.  Angie started as a receptionist and after 5 years she moved to running the auto glass department.  After several years she was moved into the Accounting position.  Angie is an organized team player that pays attention to detail and is an integral part of our team.  She is always looking for ways to grow our company and likes to stay busy.  Recently she has been put in charge of handling the Business Development for the Company.  She enjoys meeting new people in the business and forging long lasting relationships with our GC’s.

In her spare time, Angie enjoys fishing, golfing, the beach, and spending time with her family and friends.


Matt Radford  |  Senior Project Manager

Matt Radford is a senior project manager for DGC Glass Systems and joined the DGC team in 2019. He has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry and has a Bachelor of Science from Bluefield State College in architectural engineering. Matt has managed projects from multiple industries to include, residential, commercial, retail, healthcare, as well as municipal and state facilities. He started his career as a masonry labor and gradually worked with other trades acquiring skills from each one until finally pursuing his degree and becoming a project manager.

Matt has a passion for learning and is always eager to help other team members. When he began his career at DGC he started as a project manager and quickly began estimating projects, but due to his attention to detail and strong work ethic he was promoted to senior project manager.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys hunting, fishing, gardening and spending time with his family.


Dock Horton  |  Estimator / Project Manager

Dock has been with the company since May of 2014, and has spent time in every realm of DGC Glass Systems. With a degree in Physical Education from East Carolina University, Docks passion for people and learning has helped him move up in the company and become a vital piece to the DGC Glass Systems puzzle. Having been in the field installing the storefront and curtain wall systems for 2 years, Dock’s first hand knowledge of installation procedures and methods is an asset to our Inside Sales and Project Management personnel.

Dock believes in maintaining good working relationships with those around him. Whether that be working with our own DGC Glass Systems team or working with others outside of the company, Docks lightheartedness and friendly nature helps to earn and keep these relationships. When he isn’t hard at work in the office, Dock can usually be found either on a pool table, or spending time with his fiancé, dog, and cats.


J.D. Horton  |  Draftsman

Jerry, better known around the office as J.D. joined DGC Glass Systems after several years in the hotel industry. Undergoing a complete career change wasn’t easy but leaving Marriott, a world-wide company, to start over at his Step Fathers small business was the right decision. Since that move in 2015 J.D. has worked in the Residential and Commercial fields, along with a brief stint estimating. With the help of Mark Surkis, J.D. finally found his place as a draftsman.

According to J.D. working with the DGC team is very similar to working in a hotel. Everyone has a job to do but the job is always done best when people work together. If you look around the shop there is a good chance J.D. will be out there helping with material deliveries, glass and metal fabrication or just sharing a laugh with a fellow employee. Outside of work J.D. loves his pets and a good run. Often you can find his dog Coleman in the office.


Adam Moser  |  Manufactured Window Rep

Adam joined the DGC Glass Systems team in August of 2016 after working with his father in a family owned window specialty business for 35 years. He brings 40+ years of experience with aluminum and steel window manufacturers.

Adam started in the industry many years ago as an installer, which quickly changed to being an old school draftsman and he now has numerous contacts with several window manufacturers. That said, it makes sense that he is the “Manufactured Window Representative” for DGC, a position that is unique to the industry in that most glazing companies do not have a designated window person like him. He works closely with the other DGC project managers & estimators providing pricing & his expertise for manufactured windows to complete the glass envelope that many projects require.

Away from the office Adam is a huge NC State Wolfpack fan with season tickets to Football & Basketball games. In addition to coaching Rec League Baseball and an occasional round of golf.


Christy Yates  |  Residential Manager / Business Development Associate

Christy has been with DGC since we opened in 2014. She came to the company with 7 years at another glass company running the automotive department. She is now the Director of Business Development for DGC. She manages the automotive and residential departments. Her hard work, diligence, and ability to work closely with our customers to see their ideas come to life have been a great asset to our company. Christy enjoys the happiness she receives from the customer once the project has been completed and their vision implemented. She is a warm, helpful, and understanding person and is always striving to be better in our industry. Christy is a passionate team player and enjoys helping others within her community, while also building personal relationships with her clients.

In her spare time she is working towards a Master’s Degree in Criminal Science.


Jimmy Avramis  |  Residential Sales Rep

Jimmy came on board with DGC in 2015. As it would turn out, he circled back to his former workmate, partner and good friend Mark Surkis, CEO of DGC Glass. Jimmy worked with Mark and Mark’s father in Poughkeepsie, NY, as his first job in the industry. He went to Kawneer school for Curtainwall and Storefronts while he was there. As a mechanically inclined and meticulous person he caught on to the business quickly. His work ethic guided him through the learning curves and became a fine technician in the field. After a period of time he was given an office position and became an estimator. The years in the field aided him in becoming a wise sales asset. He ultimately established his own glass company, where he became a respected local businessman for 25 years. He is always there to offer his advice and wisdom to clients or trade associates, to achieve the best possible outcome for any project. His experience in both the retail and commercial worlds make him a valuable force.

Jimmy is very enthusiastic for the success and growth of DGC Glass. In his off time, Jimmy likes to be outdoors, dabbles in glass artwork, likes to cook and is an awesome fisherman. He owes the lion’s share of his success and well-being to his wife and daughter, who have kept him well grounded all these years.

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